Scopio was born to humanize storytelling through the lens of real people. Cofounders Nour Chamoun and Christina Hawatmeh made a team of all-encompassing creatives with professions ranging from machine-learning experts to content-licensing professionals. Their mission is to connect the world through visual storytelling.

Nour and Christina find the best content creators from around the world and collect images that inspire their users. They do everything from packaging the photo to titling using SEO research in order to make the process seamless for everyone involved.

Before Scopio, the resources available for subscription stock photography usually resulted in an image like this:

Family smiling stock photographyScopio provides real images and a unique experience on their platform starting with the search bar, reading “Search real photos”. A quick Google search of “smiling family” resulted in the image above, while a Scopio search of the same keywords gave us the photo below.

smiling family scopioSpecific differences include that at Scopio, the photos are literally from all over the world, there are no models (only real people), and they celebrate diversity—nothing posed and everything authentic.

Scopio has images for everyone. Their current clients are media companies, non-profits, artists, authors, app developers, healthcare companies, grocery stores, graphic design apps, language platforms, consulting, and learning sites, according to their website. Users are publishing photos on Facebook, websites, Instagram, product pages, covers, podcasts, advertisements, documentaries, TV shows, and video. The options are limitless with a Scopio subscription.

Nour Chamoun

At JumpCrew we believe in making real connections. Scopio is built on the same belief, making them a terrific client. We’re not surprised that the industry feels the same way, recognizing Nour Chamoun in the Forbes 30 Under 30 – Media 2020 list. Congratulations to Nour and the entire Scopio team, we’re looking forward to the future of stock photography.

For now, give Scopio a try here.

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