What is sales outsourcing? Sales outsourcing provides quick access to proven, reliable sales solutions. A company can scale up quickly to launch a product or service or expand into new markets.

Building and maintaining a strong internal sales team requires an ongoing commitment from management. An average sales rep takes three to four months to get up to speed, and the average turnover is only 18 months.

Outsourced sales providers reduce overhead and risk for companies; they hire, equip, and manage the sales team; they bring the benefits of robust analytics and dynamic market experience.

What Is Sales Outsourcing's Primary Role?

Sales outsourcing can be used as a complete sales and marketing solution or targeted to fill specific needs.

Businesses hire sales outsourcing partners to:

  • Quickly add to their current sales team
  • Build new funnels and generate leads
  • Set appointments
  • Launch a product, service, or event
  • Improve sales cycle strategy based on analytics and results
  • Expand into a new geographic area or customer segment
  • Integrate marketing and sales services
  • Optimize conversion rates

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How Sales Outsourcing Works

An outsourced sales team works as a seamless part of the business. Your company’s clients will see them as part of your team and not as an outsourcing firm.

The outsourced sales provider serves as a strategic partner to your business. They are responsible for all of the operations associated with their sales team. You are the expert on your product or service. Your outsourcing partner provides state-of-the-art technology, valuable market research, and sales.

Why More Businesses Are Outsourcing Sales

Sales outsourcing can be a company’s secret weapon for achieving revenue targets or adapting to changing needs. This is especially true when you take time during the onboarding process to identify specific areas of growth and outline clear and measurable goals.

Here are six reasons companies outsource sales:

1. Scale More Easily

Imagine adding a fleet of skilled employees without providing any office space, desks, phone lines, computer equipment, or software … and without ongoing training or support.

What is sales outsourcing, if not an opportunity to utilize the tools and expertise of a laser-focused team of dedicated sales reps available to ramp up quickly? You gain access to sales teams that can adapt to market conditions and optimize based on campaign results.

2. Reduce Overhead

In addition to direct overhead costs, sales outsourcing minimizes the costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.

You can keep in-house departments efficient while the sales outsourcing firm executes specific sales and marketing targets.

3. Penetrate New Markets

Sales outsourcing companies have expertise in specific industries and verticals and can leverage those connections for you.

They also provide teams to expand into new geographic areas or customer segments.

4. Optimize Data Analysis

As specialists in sales and marketing, your sales outsourcing partner utilizes the latest sales tools to improve performance value and process innovations. Stay on top of sales trends and software with their added expertise.

In addition to comprehensive metrics, your outsourcing partner brings tech stack literacy, integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Optimizely, Instapage, and Google Analytics.

5. Add a Focused Sales Team

Sales and marketing are the core competencies of sales outsourcing providers. When you hire an outsourced team, their singular purpose is to execute the sales and marketing goals outlined by your management team.

Achieving specific goals with an outsourced sales force frees your in-house team to focus on what you do best.

6. Improve Speed to Market

Businesses use sales outsourcing to accelerate their time to market. The onboarding process quickly adapts to your business goals and objectives.

You’ll have expert input on planning and strategy as well as extra hands to get everything done.

Strategies for Successful Sales Outsourcing

Naturally, there are some best practices to optimize results with sales management firms. Many small- to medium-size businesses use sales outsourcing as an immediate solution to pave the way to sustainable sales success and revenue growth.

Here are three things to consider as you vet your sales outsourcing provider:

1. Choose Capabilities Over Cost

A low bid can be tempting, but sales drive money. The difference between a good sales team and a great sales team translates into significant revenue over the life of a project.

Look for firms with proven success and case studies with past clients. Consider providers that demonstrate sales expertise in your vertical, industry, or depth of knowledge.

2. Have a Clearly Defined Project Plan

Do you know what you want to achieve? To get the best benefits from your sales management partner, create a realistic, accurate proposal of your company’s goals. This will keep the project on track from the onset.

Include an attainable project schedule and specific deliverables. To do this, identify gaps in your sales cycle, markets to penetrate, weaknesses in analytics, or any other way they can help.

When you meet with your outsourced sales provider, a set of strategy meetings will clarify objectives and establish the best approach. Do not expect instant results, but do expect steady progress.

3. Ensure Sales and Marketing Are Aligned

An outsourced sales team works as a seamless extension of your business. To achieve this, it is important to insert them into your existing marketing processes. Sales and marketing need to work together toward the same goals.

If your marketing team hasn’t been working with a sales department, you’ll want to include them in the onboarding process and keep them connected with the sales team. Invite key members of your marketing team to schedule regular check-ins with your outsourced sales team.

Since they deal directly with customers, sales reps can pass on valuable feedback to the marketing team.

If you don’t yet have a marketing department, the sales outsourcing partner can provide both sales and marketing.

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